We report, on the basis of density-functional theory+U (DFT+U) calculations that metalloporphyrins can adsorb on ferromagnetic metal surfaces in two distinct configurations. Two separate adsorption minima are obtained for manganese porphyrin (MnP) on Co from our DFT+U total energy calculations, which correspond to strong and weak adsorption strengths, respectively. By steering the nature of adsorption, we find that distinct chemical interactions as well as magnetic exchange interactions between the metalloporphyrin and the metal surface can be realized. We furthermore show that a switching of the MnP molecule’s spin state can occur even for the weakly adsorbed case. This new discovery opens up prospects for engineering the chemical and magnetic exchange interaction in new functionalized spintronic materials.

We are working at the Institute of Nano Science and Technology Mohali, one of the leading research institutes in India in the field of Nano Science. INST is located in Chandigarh, one of the major cities of India.

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