Research Areas

  • Bio-Macromolecules


    In the area of biology and chemistry, at the molecular level, our group is trying…

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  • Antimalarial Drug Resistance

    Antimalarial Drug Resistance

    Malaria is one of the most wide spread parasitic diseases and almost half the world's…

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  • Molecular Spintronics

    Molecular Spintronics

    Molecular spintronics is the most emerging science taking advantage of the dual freedom of both…

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  • Spin-Interface


    The interface formed due to chemical interactions between various organic/inorganic molecules and magnetic/non-magnetic substrates exhibits…

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  • Single-Molecule Magnets

    Single-Molecule Magnets

    Single-molecule magnets (SMMs) are molecules that show magnetic properties at the molecular level. With the…

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  • Organic Molecular Magnets

    Organic Molecular Magnets

    Stable organic radicals have gained attention due to their wide applications in organic molecular magnetism…

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We are working at the Institute of Nano Science and Technology Mohali, one of the leading research institutes in India in the field of Nano Science. INST is located in Chandigarh, one of the major cities of India.

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