Buckminsterfullerene (C60) can exhibit ferromagnetism at the interface (called a spinterface) when it is placed next to a ferromagnet (FM). The formation of a spinterface occurs due to orbital hybridization and spin polarized charge transfer at the interface. The spinterface can influence the domain size and magnetization dynamics of the organic/ferromagnetic heterostructure. Here, we have performed magnetic domain imaging and studied the relaxation dynamics in Pt/Co/C60/Pt systems which exhibit perpendicular anisotropy. The obtained results have been compared with a reference Pt/Co/Pt system. It is observed that the presence of C60 in the Pt/Co/Pt system leads to an increase in perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and a decrease in the size of bubble domains. Furthermore, the switching time of the Pt/Co/C60/Pt system is faster than its reference Pt/Co/Pt system. Spin polarized density functional theory (DFT) calculations have been performed to understand the underlying mechanism. The DFT results show the formation of a spin polarized spinterface which leads to an enhancement in anisotropy.

We are working at the Institute of Nano Science and Technology Mohali, one of the leading research institutes in India in the field of Nano Science. INST is located in Chandigarh, one of the major cities of India.

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